be-Art Magazine, a method to Select the Art


Hello Collectors to be, you would like to buy Art but you hesitate, you don’t know how too make it? here are below some tips for you

Art needs Selection

be-Art was born from a simple observation “it’s time to select the art because too much Art kills the Art”

  • too many Artists in many categories,
  • too many Art fairs,
  • too many unstable galleries,
  • an instant Worldwide visibility of the art work through the Internet,
  • a sprawling Art Market

Contemporary Art has never been so gigantic! it’s really time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Art needs a fresh eye to be appreciated

Then, because we don’t like the “show off-trendy-in the mood” side of the Art World that overrides our ability to criticize the artwork itself, at “be-Art Magazine” we found that, in order to have a fresh eye to the critic, we should pretend that the artwork we see comes from a dead artist with no name! 

Dear Collector/Reader, try to pretend so and you’ll find many surprises….

be-Art Magazine, a method to Select the Art

Since 2005 we experiment a successful method we have decided to share with our readers/art lovers/collectors on be-Art Magazine. Every single piece of art you see on the site is appreciated as follows:

First of all, when you see a piece of Art for the first time, you must “feel” something, whatever good or bad is the feeling you already love that piece in front of you because an underground feeling is growing inside of you.

But, as that feeling is not enough to commit you have to work on it. This is when you are ready for the following process

You should check:

  • if the technique is good, strong enough. Is it a new technique? Are the finishes well done?
  • if the artwork reflects a huge creativity,
  • if there are catalogs or other images to see the artwork in a larger picture.
  • if the entire artwork shows consistency because you should see a constant evolution from the beginnings though now
  • If it’s a Photograph: is it a good quality of paper? of printing? of ink? (some bad prints last no more than 50 years)
  • If it’s a Drawing: check the quality of the paper, of the pencil (for example some black Bic/pencils turn brown)
  • if it’s a Sculpture: ask for the quality of the bronze, the number of edition to make sure there are not another 200 to be done.
  • If it is Digital Art: ask for the edition, how many? in what size?

You are close to buy it so check if

  • Is the artwork is transportable? not only from the gallery to your place but you have to consider future transportations to Museum for any exhibition or to any another place in the world to be sold there.

Now and only now you are allowed to meet with the artist if you wish!

this is the occasion to check if the artist

  • has a special and attractive intellectual way of thinking his work
  • is ambitious enough too fight in that Art Jungle


and always remember our main advice

“When you buy Art you buy it because you love it,

This is the only one reason”