EXHIBITION: Alison Bignon at l’Alliance Française de Los Angeles


Through November 21, 2015
@Alliance Française de Los Angeles

alison bignon
“Alison Bignon”” was the first exhibition of the season 2015/2016 at l’Alliance Française de Los Angeles.

The quality of Bignon’s artwork plus other great cultural events to come* show that President Isabelle Leroux continues to raise the bar of the quality of the cultural program.

*Conference about novelist Celine, conference about Roland Barthes and exhibitions of Graffiti


Alison Bignon

Alison Bignon lives and works in Paris, France
Beaux-Arts de Versailles (gravure, sculpture, 2011)
École Nationale de Chaillot (Actor section  2004)
ENSATT (Director section lead by Director Anatoli Vassieliev)
Comédie Saint-Etienne (Actor section lead by François Rancillac)
École du cerisier (scénography)

Subtle and smart

What would you say if a young woman comes to you randomly in the street, with her business card in hand asking “I am a visual artist, would you like to take a coffee with me?”

It is how Bignon starts processing her artwork. Some people do answer and come to get some nice coffee in her apartment, and she records their story. It is how the artist gets her matrix to go to work. Once in her studio she listens to that sad/happy/strange/ordinary story, and she starts her first drawing. Then, she turns her inspiration into a poem, then, she turns the poem into the bigger size drawing made of ink and a few touches of watercolor.

The result is absolutely stunning. She has created a specific visual vocabulary full of grace and poetry. On each work on paper, some little and delicate black circles run on the white of the paper reunited from time to time by other colored shapes.

The artist exposes a timeless intimate dreamlike world.
And, if, by chance, you get one artwork in your living room you can spend hours dreaming about the possible meanings of the drawing. Then, nothing else matters. Great job Miss Bignon! BCh

bignon carte_du_ten_dre_lg
“carte du tendre” watercolor, ink, rotring, sewing thread 23″ x 31″ 2014 courtesy deRe Gallery
lile_lg bignon
L’île Watercolor, rotring 11.4″ x 15.3″ 2014 courtesy deRe Gallery