Los Angeles Art Show
@ the Convention Center, Down Town Los Angeles
January 28th – 31st, 2016


As usual LA Art Show shows a large diversity of Arts from Plein Air/Fine art with adorable old fashion paintings to provocative contemporary performances. If the Fair is clearly open to the International by hosting French, German galleries, Asian Art presence was massive through Galleries from China, Japan and South Korea or through US Asian oriented galleries. (28 galleries were not from the US, 54 from US – among them 33 Californian. See the list at the bottom of the page). The fair was also the occasion for Ace Gallery to shine: the almost “historical” art gallery -founded in 1961 by Douglas Chrismas- shown the best “mise en abyme” installation, awesome performances, and the best piece by Peter Alexander.

Let’s start with an appetizer: a joyful/feel good/artist Xie Aige at Coartspace Gallery, Shanghai

Joyful/feel good artist Xie Aige at Coartpace Gallery, Shanghai





toko shinoda

Japanese artist, Toko Shinoda, 103 years old! at Allison Tolman -contemporary Japanese Art – NY

The quintessence of Asian art: that young old woman controls and releases at the same time her gesture to deliver the most intense/minimalist art. In large scale as well as small. So impressive. Unfortunately the images on the gallery’s website are not good enough.

see also some images on Artnet

Shinoda courtesy Allison Tolman
Toko Shinoda courtesy Allison Tolman


Shinoda courtesy Allison Tolman
Toko Shinoda courtesy Allison Tolman



Indubitably Longmen Art Projects from Shanghai, China.

The booth was not that spectacular but the excellent art shown was representative of a new generation of truly contemporary Chinese Artists. Meaning by “truly contemporary” that the art shown reflects all the palette of thoughts possible about aesthetic, technique, topics, politic in the context of a specific culture, China. Indeed very interesting choice of artists by Longmen Art Projects.

Liu Sibo at Longmen gallery
Video installation by Liu Sibo at Longmen Art Projects


longmen gallery (2)
Yao Ruizhong – ink and gold on handmade paper at Longmen art projects


longmen gallery (3)




Mise en abyme by Cristobal Valecillos at Thimothy Yarger, Beverly Hills

Cristobal Valecillos is into everything, advertising, music, video making as a Director and Producer. Here, in Thimothy Yarger booth, he set a whole installation, a frame with a frame, in cardboard: he put a fire place, huge massive doors in order to present his photographs whose decors are also made of cardboard. Those photographs represent scenes that could have happen somewhere in Europe, within the court of a King, somewhere between the 17th or 18th Century. Every single decor is also made of cardboard, the furniture, the walls, the frames on the wall, everything. What is excellent in Cristobal Valecillos’ artwork is that the photographs present a narrative which sets a strong and intriguing storytelling, served with an extremely good composition and very good acting from the models. The artwork is as good as Gregory Crewdson photographs which would means that the artist makes a mise en abyme not only of a frame in a frame of his own art, but also a mise en abyme of an art in an art!  Excellent.

all images below: courtesy Thimothy Yargercristobal Valecillos at Ace 2

cristobal Valecillos at Ace 3

cristobal Valecillos at Ace 4

Behind The Scenes: A Cardboard Life Editorial from Trendy_Studio on Vimeo.


By LA artist Peter Alexander (born in 1939) at Ace Gallery

At the age of 77y, the artist shows his best art ever. The use of polyurethane (def: a thermoplastic polymer containing the group NHCOO: used for padding and insulation in furniture, clothing, and packaging, and in the manufacture of resins for adhesives, elastomers, and fillers) is Alexander’s main material since his beginnings, but here the combination, size, color, shape with those loose edges makes that piece a perfection.

Peter Alexander
5/24/15 (Pink Cloud), 2015 Urethane – 58″ (H) x 59″ (W) courtesy Ace Gallery



Curated by Ace Gallery, from LA

1st one was by NY artist, Melanie Pullen:

Melanie Pullen will be creating a stage where she will be reenacting a series of historic crime scenes as part of her series “High Fashion Crime Scenes,” which engages issues of glamorized violence against women. Photographer and performance artist Melanie Pullen was born in New York City in 1975. She first began staging performances as a young child. Pullen is most noted for creating artworks engaging the issue of violence, particularly violence against women.

Melanie Pullen Performance Curated By Ace Gallery 3

 2nd one was by British artist, Millie Brown

(…) Brown will abstain from the basic necessity of food, surviving solely on water for the entire 5 days of the performance. Withstanding the physical discomfort and inevitably entering into an altered mental state, Brown will use this fast to enable herself to explore the depths the mind can reach once physical comforts and limitations have been removed.

Millie Brown Performance by ace gallery2



Ed Ruscha 2011 at Jack Rutberg, Los Angeles
Ed Ruscha “Ghost Station” 2011 at Jack Rutberg, Los Angeles


Udo Noger at Timothy Yarger, Beverly Hills
Udo Noger at Timothy Yarger, Beverly Hills


Pancho Luna at Timothy Yarger, Beverly Hills
“Traveling souls” Pancho Luna at Timothy Yarger, Beverly Hills



The veil floating on the piece by Sarah Bryer at Verne Collection Inc.
That veil floating on the piece by Sarah Bryer at Verne Collection Inc.


The booth of the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA)
The booth of the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA)
Painter Miguel Davila at Sasha.D, Argentina
Painter Miguel Davila at Sasha.D, Argentina


Baldessari - Print 2015 - at Bert Green fine art, Chicago
Baldessari – Print 2015 – at Bert Green fine art, Chicago


A portrait by Dutch artist, Nemo Jantzen at K+Y, Paris
A portrait by Dutch artist, Nemo Jantzen, at K+Y, Paris – Detail below


2016 Exhibitors – Modern & Contemporary

  • Aboriginal Galleries Of Australia Wareemba, Australia
  • Escarlata Espacio de Arte Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Sasha D. Espacio de Arte Cordoba, Argentina
  • _________________2
  • Evan Lurie Gallery Carmel, IN
  • Greg Kucera Gallery Seattle, WA
  • O. Ascanio Gallery Miami, FL

    Contessa Gallery Cleveland, OH

  • Niman Fine Art Santa Fe, NM
  • Tansey Contemporary Santa Fe, NM
    Leon Gallery Denver, CO
  • Point Gallery Denver, CO
  • Art Walk
  • Do Art
  • 57 Projects Los Angeles, CA
  • Distinction Gallery Escondido, CA
  • ACE Gallery Los Angeles, CA
  • Art All Ways Los Angeles, CA
  • Art Unified Venice, CA
  • Artists Corner Gallery Los Angeles, CA
  • Axiom Contemporary Santa Monica, CA
  • Baik Art Los Angeles, CA
  • BG Gallery Santa Monica, CA
  • Bruce Lurie Gallery Los Angeles, CA
  • CM2 Space Walnut, CA
  • Fine Art Dealers Association Los Angeles, CA
  • FP Contemporary Culver City, CA
  • G B Auerbach Studios Los Angeles, CA
  • Jack Rutberg Fine Arts Los Angeles, CA
  • Mural Conservancy Alhambra, CA
  • Los Angeles Art Association – Gallery 825 Los Angeles, CA
  • Masterworks Fine Art Gallery Oakland Hills, CA
  • Nanhai Art Millbrae, CA
  • PYO Gallery Los Angeles, CA
  • Red Pipe Gallery Los Angeles, CA
  • Ren Gallery Los Angeles, CA
  • S M Fine Art Gallery Irvine, CA
  • S.E.A. Los Angeles, CA
  • SCAA – Sergott Contemporary Art Alliance Rancho Santa Fe, CA
  • Smash Gallery San Francisco, CA
  • Soho Gallery Beverly Hills, CA
    Ten 472 Contemporary Art Grass Valley, CA
    Timothy Yarger Fine Art Beverly Hills, CA
    Werd Gallery Los Angeles, CA
    Gallery Clu Los Angeles, CA
  • Able Fine Art NY Gallery New York, NY
  • Arcadia Contemporary New York, NY
  • Doyle New York, NY
  • Eckert Fine Art Shekomeko Village, NY
  • Hyun Contemporary LLC New York, NY
  • Jane Kahan Gallery New York, NY
  • Other Criteria New York,
  • Rehs Contemporary New York, NY
  • Susan Teller Gallery New York, NY
  • The Tolman Collection of Tokyo New York, NY
  • Unix Gallery New York, NY
  • Walter Wickiser Gallery New York, NY
    ________________12 NY
  • 186 Projects Guangzhou, China
    Cospace Contemporary Art Gallery Shangai, China
  • Liahona Space Beijing, China
  • Longmen Art Projects Shangai, China
  • _____________4 China
  • Gallery Fukuda Niigata, Japan
  • Gallery Kitai Tokyo, Japan
  • Taimei Gallery Tokyo, Japan
  • Watanabe Fine Art Osaka, Japan
  • Mizoe Art Gallery Tokyo/Fukuoka, Japan
    ______________5 Japan
  • Gallery Mayjune Seoul, South korea
    • Gallery Tableau Seoul, South Korea

    Young Art Gallery Seoul, South Korea

  • Zoom Gallery Goyang-si, South Korea
  • ______________4 Korea
  • Galerie Rauchfeld Paris, France
  • K+Y Gallery Paris, France
  • Modus Art Gallery Paris, France
  • ______________3 Fr
  • Cynthia Corbett Gallery Wimbledon, United Kingdom
  • LDX Artodrome Gallery Berlin, Germany
  • Villa del Arte Galleries Barcelona, Spain
  • The Public House of Art Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Gama Gallery Istanbul, Turkey
  • Knupp Gallery Prague, Czech Republic
  • ________________9



at Bruce Lurie

chinese space