EXHIBITION: at Bergamot Station, October 2015


A game of musical chairs at Bergamot Station

entranceLast year, Bergamot Station was facing huge works in order to create a brand new Station for the Tram, Metro Rail. A whole line of warehouses were destroyed to clean the place for the Tram forcing the galleries to relocate. The galleries took that opportunity,  last summer, for a big game of musical chairs.

Rosamund Felsen (formerly lot B) decided to move her Gallery East LA, in the Art District, South Santa Fe Ave. Skidmore Contemporary art took her place, moving from lot D to lot B. Lora Schlesinger who was isolated in lot A, moved to lot B also. Sloan Projects, recently founded by Hanna Sloane, took a spot in lot B as well as Robert Berman who moved to lot B were we used to see Samuel Freeman LLC who is now at La Cienega blvd.

The other big change was the closing of the Santa Monica Museum of Art -SMMoA. They announce in their website a “planned gestation period” to relocate in a “permanent” location which, apparently, won’t be anymore it’s obvious home, Bergamot Station…

Despite the missing of Rosamund Felsen and the SMMoA, it is still a real pleasure to go there and see so many galleries at the same time. You drive so much in Los Angeles that it is always good when “things” are in the same area.



October 2015,

at Bergamot Station,

looks like:




Museum quality for


1/ Recent works by Raymond Saunders
@Lora Schlesinger Gallery

through October 17th, 2015

Exhibition view
Exhibition view


Untitled (RS15-026) mixed media on panel 30 x 48" -courtesy Lora Schlesinger Gallery
Untitled (RS15-026)
mixed media on panel
30 x 48″ -courtesy Lora Schlesinger Gallery

At the age of 81, San Francisco Bay artist, Raymond Saunders shows a great refreshing creativity. His paintings are full of signs and clues made of found material that sound to be his source of inspiration to start a piece. You really have to see the pieces in person, Internet does not render the accurate sensations for the colors and the size.



beatrice wood
The Rich Aunt, by Beatrice Wood – 1990 – glazed earthenware
19-1/4 x 9-1/2″



To be noticed also at Lora Schlesinger, an exquisite sculpture by Beatrice Wood







2/ Mike Kelley @Patrick Painter Inc.

through October 31, 2015

Black Out (Detroit River), 2001 Eight Cibachrome prints mounted on board Framed: 28 x 51 inches (71.12 x 129.54 cm), each Overall: 28 x 408 inches (71.12 x 1036.32) cm - courtesy the gallery -
Black Out (Detroit River), 2001
Eight Cibachrome prints mounted on board
Framed: 28 x 51 inches (71.12 x 129.54 cm), each
Overall: 28 x 408 inches (71.12 x 1036.32) cm – courtesy Patrick Painter, Inc. –


Detail – don’t look at the reflection, look at the landscape and sky unveiled on both sides



If you have $125.000 to spend, please run to buy this awesome/subtle/timeless series of eight panels of photographs by Mike Kelley revealing discretely different sections of the Detroit River. Astonishing.

Here again Internet doesn’t render the piece at its most






3/ “Her first meteorite”@Rose Gallery

through 28 November 2015

“Her First meteorite” is an amazing selection of unique photographic collages by Carolle BenitahJames GallagherMelinda Gibson, Ken GravesStéphanie SolinasAnnegret Soltau, and Grete Stern.

This is a must be seen exhibition for sure. Those vintage feel but contemporary made collages are wonderful.

Ken Graves embryonics, 2009 4.5 x 8 inch collage -courtesy Rose Gallery-
Ken Graves
Embryonics, 2009
4.5 x 8 inch collage -courtesy Rose Gallery-

Ken Graves rearranges found photographs from early to mid-twentieth century American magazines and inserting a range of materials.

Graves creates surreal images that open a world of interpretive narratives. His collages reflect his background as a photographer and professor, and they pay tribute to Victorian paper collages and surrealist art while commenting on contemporary situations.

Carolle Benitah La chute 22.5 x 31.94 inches Black and white print on baryta paper, embroidered - courtesy Rose Gallery-
Carolle Benitah
La chute
22.5 x 31.94 inches
Black and white print on baryta paper, embroidered – courtesy Rose Gallery-


Carolle Benitah’s sewn and beaded photographic images bridge the relationship between her past experiences as a fashion designer with her current photography practice. She takes images from her childhood. Then she sews with a read thread the link between the people on the image in order to explain her feelings about the relationship. It is like an analysis she shows to everyone. Very strong work.







To be followed:


1/ Sloan Projects


The gallery opened at Bergamot Station during last Spring. Hannah Sloane (above) Owner/Director and former Director at Rose Gallery doesn’t intend to show specifically photographs. Her statement would be to show mostly female committed artists, no matter the medium they use.

Currently her fourth show is

through October 17, 2015



2/ Caroline Larsen @ Craig Krull Gallery

This very young emerging artist, Canadian native, has just graduated (2015) from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. She lives and works in NY city.

courtesy Craig Krull Gallery
courtesy Craig Krull Gallery
Detail to appreciate the thickness of the paint

For her first show at Craig Krull Gallery, she exhibits a series of naive oil painted Desert feel landscapes. When looking at those very thick oil paintings on canvas we are amazed to feel the heat, the shadow, the desert.

For some unknown reason thick paint is frequently used in Canada as for Kim Dorland, famous Canadian painter and Larsen sort of continues that bloodline.

This is new, this is interesting, but, there is a “but”: despite the indubitable skills of the painter, I doubt she can build a whole career with that sort of painting and topics, and we have to pay attention of possibilities of cracks due to the thickness. But, for the moment you can purchase end enjoy one of those wonderful Socal/desert feel paintings, the price is still reasonable.

Nice Sculpture

John Rose : KNOT CHAOS @Robert Berman Gallery

through October 10, 2015

Exhibition view
Exhibition view

LA based artist, Jose Knot was a painter until the early 90’s, when his work took on a more three-dimensional format and evolved into sculpture. He uses poplar wood to construct the Zen-like forms that bear relation to his interest in visual scientific data.



Mr Fish at Robert Berman Gallery

IMG_8671 IMG_8672


Dwayne Booth (Mr. Fish) lives in Philadelphia, PAD. He is a cartoonist and freelance writer whose work can most regularly be seen on Harpers.org and Truthdig.com. In 2008, he was ranked #1 on a list of “the 10 most important voices to listen to this election cycle,” as compiled by Best Life magazine.

His drawings, at Bergamot Station, give the breathe of freedom and it feels good.




 Excellent Photography Project

by Joachim Brohm: Mies Model Study (Golf Club) @Gallery Luisotti

through November 14, 2015

Gallery Luisotti shows exhibition after exhibition at Bergamot Station, a more demanding selection of artworks.

Exhibition view
Exhibition view at Bergamot Station


Taken in 2013, the series of seven photographs remains as a trace of a temporary 1:1 scale model of a previously unbuilt golf clubhouse of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s design from 1930. Situated on a hill on the outskirts of Krefeld, Germany, the model was built in May of 2013 and was dismantled in December of the same year. Very rigorous project from the conception to the photographs, though unbelievable ! Excellent.

Cuban Painter

“Time Line” by Gustavo Acosta @Latin American Masters LAM

through 28 November 2015 (TBD)

Exhibition view
Exhibition view

Very interesting urban landscapes by Cuban Artist, Gustavo Acosta. The painter doesn’t do only perspective and paint, it’s like he knows which people lives in each building he paints. So, more than accumulation of buildings, this is an accumulation of souls!

follow below the making of his art