EXHIBITION: Daniel Clarke at “Artists Invited”, Los Angeles


Daniel Clarke, los angeles

“New works, by Daniel Clarke”

October 15th – November 15th
By appointment at vanessa.atlan@gmail.com


In order to exist, Artists have to: 1st show their art, 2d show their art, and 3d show their art!  No one better than an artist can understand that. It is why, French native, LA-based artist, Vanessa Atlan starts a new series of “rendez-vous” to show artists she likes in her place in Los Angeles: Artists Invited.

For that very first rendez-vous, Vanessa has invited great painter Daniel Clarke. The irony is that he is American and lives in Paris, France.

Painter Daniel Clarke tends to choose the silent studio work over the fancy occasions on which the art circus likes to celebrate itself. This is discernible in his paintings that remain untouched by recent trends and schools, just as his oeuvre does not show any dramatic twists but reflects a steady development of artistic language. Read more