Emerging Selection 2015: Markus Bacher at Suzanne Vielmetter, Culver City/Los Angeles


“onetwo painting”

@ Suzanne Vielmetter


First solo exhibition with the Tyrolean painter Markus Bacher at Suzanne Vielmetter and in the United States. Bachers new paintings, made in Los Angeles, focuses on a physical process of juxtaposition that follows individual and multi-layered decisions. says the gallery


This first solo show of the young Austrian artist is very promising. It shows a strong body of work with obvious pictorial intentions.  The artist creates a panel made of different paintings. It turns the whole in an interesting pictorial narrative. If each painting has its own tempo, its own lecture, the assemblage creates a second tempo and a second lecture. This system is quite interesting. No doubt Bacher is very talented, and I can’t wait for the second exhibition to see where the painting itself, I mean the gesture and the content, is going. This is for sure an artist to follow to put in our Emerging Selection. BCh

markus-bacher_1429295067_0 markus-bacher_1429295796_0

Words can kill paintings and defining through naming limits perception.

The paintings explain themselves as themselves like a not forgotten handwritten love letter where the texture and quality of the paper simply felt right.

For me part of the objective of painting is to reveal the time in
which we live and simultaneously engage in the disruption of that
perception. My emotions and subconscious inform and guide the continuing dialogue.” says Markus Bacher, 2015

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