EMERGING ARTIST: French Photographer Nicolas Baudouin


Born in Paris, France
Lives and works in Paris

FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/nbaudouin
JOURNAL DE VOYAGES: https://nicobaud.tumblr.com/

Nicolas Baudouin was in Novhorodsiverskyy, Chernihivs’Ka Oblast’, Ukraine. April 22 at 12:08pm


Nicolas Baudouin was in Bruxelles. April 22 at 5:18pm


Nicolas Baudouin was in Atyrau, Kazakhstan. 21 hrs


Photographer Nicolas Baudouin is one of a kind globe trotter: he shoots real places from all over the world like if he was in there, when actually he is in his studio in Paris, France!!

For example look ahead or if you follow him on Facebook, he was
in Florida April 17th at 10:41am,
n Athens, Greece April 18th at 9:55am and
in Samarkand, Jizzakh, Uzbekistan April 20 at 3:46pm!!!
and no one cares about the place and timing like if it’s ok.

How does it got those images? simple, with Google street view!!! It says a lot about how we look at the Facebook. What do we look at really? Where is our focus?

“ENVOLS” Series:

Vol 10
Vol 10 – courtesy Nicolas Baudouin


Vol 9
Vol 9 — courtesy Nicolas Baudouin


Of course you understand that it is not that simple to pretend to travel and send real/fake images of your fake journey. You have to have THE EYE, the right one to choose the right moment, to make the right choice of angle of color. The Series called “Envols” shows he knows a lot about the rules & beauty of colors.

Below “Triptych Series” :

tri6tri3tri3bBaudouin can play with images because he knows also a lot about composition like he show in his series above “triptych”

As he is a tireless Researcher he has created another Series called “Myopia” where all the images are shown like a myopia would see them.

ol4Of course you understand this Photographer is a “must be seen/must be shown” artist all over the Globe. For real this time!!! BCh