EXHBITION: Jennyfer Grassi at Galerie Eva Hober, Paris


Jennyfer GRASSI “Un monde flamboyant”

until June 15th, 2018
@Galerie Eva Hober (new address)


Jennyfer Grassi, la Beauté du Diable

This is the first solo show at Parisian gallery Eva Hober for French Artist Jennyfer GRASSI. The paintings are impressive and vibrant. What do we see here? bunches of flowers like an explosion of colors that would spread all over the surface of the large canvases, but is that exactly what we look at?

It sounds like Mother Nature was inspirational only, just  an excuse for the Artist to express strong emotions, inner feelings that she could hide behind the appearance of flowers, or so we thought. Because looking closer at each painting those flowers don’t exist for real, like a blue horse doesn’t exist either if we refer to Gauguin.

On the same canvas it’s like Heaven meets with Hell. The gesture of the painter is a perfection as well as for the organization of the colors. There is such movement and vibration that we feel the breeze of an imaginary mountain. This is the first very good impression at first glance. Then the feeling slightly move in an other direction. For example we are rapidly disturbed by the voluntarily not scaled proportions. The scale of the flowers compared to others are not respected, neither with each other nor with the background of the canvas. Then looking closer neither the Stigma, the Stamen, the Pistil, the Petal, the Filament.. nor the combination of them- look that way for real, in Mother Nature. Then we discover some hidden intruders, like a skull or some bizarre animal…

Like Van Gogh or Gauguin, Grassi creates her own real/fake environment and these unlikely bouquets and flowers have never been so alive that through the brush of that brilliant painter.



We decided to put Jennyfer Grassi to our “Emerging Talent 2018” selection