EXHIBITION: Deep Superficial Perception at CES, Los Angeles


Group Show “Deep Superficial Perception”

curated by Carl E. Smith & Meghan Gordon

@CES, Los Angeles
January 16, 2016 – February 20, 2016

featuring artists: Samantha Bittman, Julia Bland, Matias Cuevas, Alex Ebstein, Aaron Farley, Doty Glasco, Erin Morrison, Loring Taoka


Excellent show, curated by Carl E. Smith and Meghan Gordon at CES, mixing artists from the gallery and others. “Surfaces” in Art is a recurrent theme which is always interesting to work with. Of course we all remember the French movement “Support Surfaces”, remarkably represented  by French painter Claude Viallat (seen at Cherry & Martin in LA), whose purpose is to avoid the topic issue to better focus on the use of material on any surface possible.

Here the Surface issue keeps all the standards of a traditional piece of art: there is a topic, whether it is abstract or figurative, and there is a frame. The Surface issue is treated both as a topic in itself and as a perception, almost something you want to touch with your fingers and as .

Here are some very good ones:

Below Farley’s interest in photography as an expression of the unreliability of perception results in the manipulated display of photographs that similarly provokes viewers to question their physical relationship to the object.

aaron farley
Aaron Farley – Monochrome print with treated plexiglass, 11×14″ courtesy CES gallery


Below Doty Glasco’s photographic silk prints depict the landscape as a symbol of geologic time embedded into an ethereal material that ripples with the viewer’s movements.

Doty Glasco
Doty Glasco – “The White Place” Archival pigment print on silk, raw walnut artist’s frame – courtesy CES gallery


Below Taoka meditates on perception through seamless sculptural interventions on industrial materials.

loring toaka
Loring Taoka – Untitled – square mesh 2015 – courtesy CES gallery


Below Cuevas sets common nylon carpeting on fire, melting it into abstract paintings with paint thinner before actuallypainting onto each surface

matias cuevas
Matias Cuevas “untitled gestures for a band new sky” #13 – 2015 carpet, carpet trim, paint thinners, frie, and acryllic on custom made stretcher – courtesy CES Gallery