EXHIBITION: Eric Yahnker at Zevitas Markus


“Noah’s Yacht”by Eric Yahnker

@Zevitas Marcus
March 12 – April 30, 2016

installation view

Take a deep healthy breath at Yahnker’s exhibition!

Excellent installation of quite funny/subversive drawings by LA-based artist Eric Yahnker. The large-scale color pencil drawings of iconic people from Politics, Movies Industry or Music are surrounded by Alohe sanitizers from ground to ceiling. It gives literally an extraordinary physical sensation of breathing and the lecture of the art becomes obvious: yes subversive is 1°/necessary and 2°/ necessary.

Precious Patriotism - 2015 charcoal and graphite on paper - 42 x 42 in. courttesy Zevitas Marcus
Precious Patriotism – 2015
charcoal and graphite on paper – 42 x 42 in. courtesy Zevitas Marcus


Pierced Piety – 2015 colored pencil on paper – 22 x 22 in. courtesy Zevitas Marcus


At the question, for I-D magazine, Why make works that make you uncomfortable? Eric Yahnker answers:

I think it’s a good thing. If I’m not making myself uncomfortable now and again, then I’m not doing my job. I’m not interested in egregious shock-bait, but I also never want to shy away from heavy subjects and I intend for my work to serve as a mirror reflection or Rorschach test of individual viewers, rather than just be purely didactic.