EXHIBITION: Karel Funk at NextLevel Galerie, Paris


Karel Funk

at NextLevel Galerie, Paris

through January 14th, 2017

Once again Isabelle Mesnil continues to impose her sharpened eye in her gallery with an astonishing exhibition of acrylic on panel. This is the very first Paris solo show for Canadian-based artist Karel Funk.
exhibition view
Exhibition view – courtesy NextLevel Galerie
The hyper realism of the design makes us hesitate at first glance with a photography but it’s not. It is acrylic on wood which implicates layers and layers of paint and in addition a super meticulous detailed design. For the exhibition Isabelle Mesnil chose mostly the new Funk’s work where he removed the faces to keep only the hood. The result is an astonishing surrealistic hyper realist design from which emanates an aura.
Karel Funk Untitled #76, 2016 - acrylic on panel - 61 x 61 cm - courtesy NextLevel Galerie
Karel Funk Untitled #76, 2016 – acrylic on panel – 61 x 61 cm – courtesy NextLevel Galerie
Why do we feel that aura, that undefined presence of the owner of the hood? because by exploring just the surface of his subject -every detail of the folds of a fabric, its inclination, its shadows, its light- Funk does the opposite of rendering the surface, he brings out the soul of his subject. Also, Funk used to paint many human figures and he learned about each personae hidden beneath the hood and he doesn’t need to show the figure any more.
Beatrice Chassepot – Los Angeles December 2016
Karel Funk – Acrylic on panel – courtesy NextLevel Galerie


Karel Funk CV

Canadian, born in 1971
Lives and works in Winnipeg, Canada

Funk’s work is held in major museum collections, including the Guggenheim Museum and the Whitney Museum in New York, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Dallas Museum of Art and the National Gallery of Canada, as well as many private collections.

MFA Columbia University
BFA University of Manitoba