EXHIBITION: Olafur Eliasson at Marciano Foundation


“Reality projector” by Olafur Eliasson
Through August 2018
@ Marciano Foundation

Danish internationally acclaimed artist, Olafur Eliasson shows at the Marciano Foundation another impressive installation made of lights and colors in movement. It might have been a big thing for Eliasson to deal with the light for that specific sight of Los Angeles, California, where artists have been playing with the light in their art.

And we can say it’s a success. The installation is obviously impressive because of the height of the ceiling and the volume offered to the artist. But the artist is used to it as he likes to speak directly to the sun or the moon.



















Eliasson has conceived of a seemingly simple, yet complex installation that uses projected light and the existing architecture of the space to create a dynamic shadow play. The artwork references the space’s former function as a theater as well as the history of film-making in the city by turning the entire space into an abstract, three-dimensional film.

The tectonic of colors

Besides the three dimensional aspect mentioned above we can also develop the idea that the very slow motion of the colors combine with a “it’s the end of the world’s sound” relate a lot with the earthquake situation, but in that case instead of the plate tectonics we are assisting at the colors tectonics. Colors are slowly and constantly morphing and cracking from a phase to another. It is brilliant.

To visitors please mention that you have to stay a long time to enjoy the sensation