FRANÇOIS MORELLET Selected works at Samuel Le Paire, Paris




January 8th –  February 22nd,  2015
at Ma Galerie –
7, rue du Louvre – 75001 PARIS
Phone: +33 (0)6 80 89 94 97


Any exhibition of huge French Artist François Morellet is an Event. Here Samuel Le Paire has assembled a very large and representative selection of the artist’s work. It’s a must be seen. BCh sl_MORELLEt-rococo

Morellet likes Duchamp, and has quoted the older artist’s statement on many occasions: “it is the viewers who make the paintings”. Ma Galerie is offering about fifteen works chosen by the owners of four private collections to its viewers’ gaze. The collectors were given the initiative of making the selection and the viewers of finding the meaning in it, while Ma Galerie has remained within the limit of interaction assigned to itself since its inaugural exhibition, Vos chefs-d’œuvre in 2011. Samuel Le Paire, Ma Galerie owner