HAUSER, WIRTH & SCHIMMEL,a new name for a new concept of gallery in LA


Hauser & Wirth Schimmel, a new name for a new concept in Los Angeles

Hauser & Wirth gallery -already present in Zurich, London and New York- have decided to settle in a former flour mill, East Downtown Los Angeles, in the”Arts District” to the edge of Little Tokyo and not far from the Geffen Museum.


the courtyard
the courtyard


The bet is daring to Iwan Wirth and Manuela Wirth who not open just a gallery but a full art center of 100.000 square feet in total occupied with four exhibition spaces for 23,700 square feet (one gigantic for monumental installations), plus a library, a restaurant, a lab book room, and an education loft, which are all organized around an inviting spacious courtyard.



Iwan Wirth & Manuela Wirth


For Iwan Wirth “We know Los Angeles for a long time through many of our artists and therefore it has always had a special place in our heart (….) This place will not only be commercial because my wife and I conceived it more the way we created Somerset (sort of phalanstery dedicated to arts two hours from London.) ”

No doubt Wirth’s words will touch the heart of the so difficult-to-seduce community of Los Angeles.




Paul Schimmel


In order to confirm their intention to integrate the LA community the right way, the Wirths chose one of LA’s most representative, Paul Schimmel, 62, the former MOCA chief curator for 22 years, who became now associate partner.

Schimmel also stressed out this aspect of “art center that generates a cultural exchange with the inhabitants of the city. We’ll take time to give them a chance to see our exhibitions which will be up two to three times longer than normal. Instead of five weeks, it’ll be 15 weeks. We were inspired by this strong spirit of commitment of the best foundations and we will endeavor to produce commissioned works, group exhibitions with local artists. Education will be another important focus of this center.  ”

All the elements are there for the phalanster Hauser, Wirth & Schimmel to last in Los Angeles. And Manuela Wirtz to confirm “she is confident in the long term because we will take the time to grow and connect and Los Angeles is changing.”

Welcome to LA!

Paul Schimmel, left, Iwan Wirth and Manuela Wirth
Paul Schimmel, left, Iwan Wirth and Manuela Wirth