Le Nouveau festival du Centre Pompidou, 4ème édition


A 3-weeks engagement from 20 February – 11 March 2013

With Elvire Bonduelle
emerging talent

Book Machine

Christophe Boutin and Mélanie Scarciglia, co-founders of onestar press* and Three Star Books**, have been invited by Bernard Blistène, Director of the department of the cultural development at Centre Pompidou to participate in Le Nouveau festival 2013 with a special event to take place in the Forum at Centre Pompidou.

The response to this invitation is entitled BOOK MACHINE (Paris) an event dedicated to the process of book production in the grandest sense. In essence, the commitment of the artist to the realization of their book or catalog is an extension of their body of work, and this results in the creation of what we call the artist’s book.” read more here