Margie Livingston and Kate Bonner at Luis de Jesus


“Holding it together” by Margie Livingston

@ Luis de Jesus
in the Second space
until May 28th, 2016


Totally in line with the French movement “Supports Surfaces”, American artist Margie Livingston, continues to break the rules by extracting the paint from its traditional support.

Here below a brilliant version of an orphan-extra-heavy-coat-of-paint who lives a great life as a piece of art without its traditional support, the canvas.

margie livingstone

and below is a frame to which Livingstone got rid of the canvas and replaced it with a large thick coat of paint and dragged on the ground to make it used.

margie livingstone

“The other side is this side” by Kate Bonner

in the First space

different approach, but also some interesting thoughts about the treatment of a surface. Kate Bonner cuts out what is traditionally the canvas to insert it in an assemblage of photographs.

kate bonner ex109-08