Vincent Lamouroux on Sunset


“PROJECTION” by Vincent Lamouroux

Produced by Nicolas Libert with Please Do Not Enter

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Awesome idea, outstanding realization. French artist Lamouroux has whitewashed all the facades of an abandoned motel including the palm trees and a billboard. That milky monochrome transformation is one of the best gigantic ephemeral sculpture I ever saw.  The total white -including the trees- erases the sense of size and proportion. When looking at it we don’t know any more in which dimension we are. This is amplified with the photographies about it.

This white gigantic sculpture is like a white page for a writer: a new opening to our imagination where anything is possible, a projection. BCh

Read below the best articles about “Projection” by Shelley Leopold. She is an award-winning creative director, film maker and writer, who’s work has appeared in many publications and book:

Silver Lake’s Sunset Pacific Motel has a dark and storied past. The course of its history changes this week with the opening of Vincent Lamouroux‘s new site specific reinvention, “Projection,” where the artist has whitewashed the entire plot including the palm trees and the adjoining billboard  READ MORE

bates motel before lamouroux
bates motel before lamouroux

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