Emerging Selection 2005-2006


Nicolas Beaud //  Judith Darmont //
// Bertrand Derel //  Bertrand Desprez //  Camille Goujon //
//Haidée Henry //Bertrand Joliet // Andre Maître  // Philippe Pasquet //

Haidée Henry-French, installations, drawings-
Figge von Rosen gallery -Germany- clik

“entre deux” by Haidée Henry
fourrure,crin,métal,résine 170/150 cm – 2005
courtesy the artist

A wonderful work by an artist whose imagination is literaly unbridled. A rare and oniric power that she draws from childhood spirits, in our feras and nightmares and dreams. Her installations, at once gracile and violent, horrible and wonderful, absurd and coherent, create a strong universe that touches us when unexpected. They are made of human objects, human machines living on their own; their pulsation, their mood appear when you pass by. A powerful artist, of whom you will frequently hear about.

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put into be-art-website september, 2006


Nicolas Beaud -Swizterland native, French living, installations, paintings-
Galerie Speerstra CLIK – Switzerland –


His work is made of monochrome superpositions of oil painting. On the border of the canvas the artist put the trace of each coat of color. It makes a very subtle glaze sometimes deep gray, sometimes purple, or green etc…
He’s creating fascinating land art works -see left- that need patience, time to create. This is a notion that the artist is found of, it’s like a material for him.
wonderful and zen work clik here to see the website
courtesy Nicolas Beaud

on be-Art-website since june, 2006
2008: he  found a Switzerland gallery


Camille Goujon– French – drawings installations videos –


This Artist’s concerns are all about circulation of the water all over the world. After long studies about this problem, she has created different works about it like astonishing drawings. Sometimes we would prefer to see these works as science fiction but in fact it is not, it is the reality, she just put more colors and imagination on something real.
Camille Goujon is certainly working on the only real problem we should care about: water in the world.

courtesy the artist
on be-Art-website since october, 2006

Bertrand Derel -French sculptor-


You will certainly appreciate Betrand Derel’s minimalist researches about wood and/or painting, at once melting to their supports, and modifying them. He uses inlaid wood, which he works with colour, to make it spiral, to give it a wave-like aspect… Once installed, depending on their forms, the sculptures give movement to the partition walls, wound them, transform them.

on be-Art-website since february, 2007

Philippe PASQUET -French-


“Chicken strip” 2006                                 “Super-hero in the garden”
Technique mixte 102×92 cm                     2006 Photo
Courtesy the artist                                    Courtesy the artist

PEINTURES SUPER-HEROÏQUES ( N° 1)  Mixte technique on canvas and paper,

147 x 107 cm 2009

les boîtes de pandore” n° 1 Series , 2009, diorama, figurines et laque sur attaché-case

Philippe Pasquet: his art is like a punch in the stomach

His paintings, installations and sculptures are much more interesting than any sociological thesis, or politic article.

When you look at a Pasquet’s paintings you don’t feel very comfortable because you first feel more like a punch in the stomach than a comfy painting to look at. The artist doesn’t work with the intention of being kind with the viewer. He’s much more like an alarm that awakes us constantly. No rest with Philippe Pasquet! BCh
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courtesy the artist

Melanie works with water color on canvas which is pretty unstable and needs strong skills. I never saw such a free artist. rare.
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Bertrand JOLIET -French, painter-

“à la diable”
oil on canvas
courtesy the artist

Here is an astonishing artist who plays with all the oil techniques. The subjects are pretty funny…the fishes are not dead at all, it seems they are thinking of psychology…b.ch

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André Maitre -Switzerland, Digital art-

“dessin numérique 006”
(ink jet) Hanemühle paper

Very good progression for this artist. He left oil painting for digital art in which he’s excellent. In some pieces we feel sensorial and in some others we can “hear” a like a sound. Really astonishing.

courtesy the artist website clik


Judith Darmont -French native, Israel living -art/video-

Beautiful compositions melting images and sounds. To evoke you this young artist, I can’t see other comparison but jazz, in which each instrument is a melody in itself which adds to another one in order to create an even more subtle and powerful melody. The colors, the patterns, the rhythm of images and music, the pulsation, the movement, nothing is due to chance, everything is very cleverly organized. A wonderful universe, and beautiful projects in preparation. An interesting artist, no doubt about it.

clik sur son site
put into be-art-website may, 2006


Bertrand DESPREZ – french photographer-
Baudoin Lebon gallery

OVNI 90 x 110 cm, tirage 3/8 dont 1 EA,
tirage argentique contrecollé sur alu sans encadrement
courtesy the artist

Bertrand Desprez takes photographs of what remains of our civilization in mother Nature. Through the resolutely positive prism used by the photographer, the Nature that we spoil seems to get accustomed to our mental disorder. As a loving mother, she even forgives us when she rebuildes itself. A beautiful look and a rigorous selection.

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march, 2006