EXHIBITION: Austin Irving at Wilding Cran Gallery


“CORNERED” by Austin Irving
@Wilding Cran Gallery

June 3rd – July 21

Exhibition view


16th Street & Georgina Ave No. 2, Santa Monica, CA 2016. Archival Lightjet Print, Edition of 3 40 x 50 in courtesy Wildin Cran Gallery


This is a photograph! not a painting, nor a graphite drawing and yet it looks like all of this.

Take a closer look above you’ll see that old staple that clings to the wall. What was its story? what was hanged there, a photo? a list of to do things? a map for a murderer? No doubt this photograph with a staple would do a great incipit for a novel.

Each photograph shows the exact same nice shade of soft greys and yet each one reveals a different angle, a different story . Very interesting work.

LA-based Austin Irving shows each time a new subtle research of her own, which is always a delight

Washington Square Village, APT 140, New York, NY 2017. Archival Lightjet Print, Edition of 3 48 x 60 in