ESTABLISHED ARTIST: French artist François Morellet at Kayne Griffin Corcoran Gallery


From September 19th through November 9th, 2013
at Kayne Griffin Corcoran Gallery, Los Angeles













First solo exhibition of work by seminal French abstractionist François Morellet.

The exhibition will include paintings, adhesive wall works
and a selection of the artist’s celebrated neon works.
Over the course of five decades, François Morellet has sought to subvert conventional narratives of artistic construction as a pioneer of geometric abstraction, and as a founding member of GRAV, France’s influential Kinetic collective.
In applying a set of self-imposed mathematical constraints to simple lines and geometric  shapes, the artist has emerged as what critic Thomas McEvilley termed a “postmodern Pythagorean.” Blending this dispassionate, codified process with a sly humor immediately apparent in his titles, Morellet mounts a progressive and insistent inquiry into the behavior of continually expanding systems. (…)