Born in 1952 in Locarno, Switzerland
Works an lives in Paris

"Archi e corone" monte carasso Antico monastero delle Agostiniane courtesy the artist
“Archi e corone” monte carasso Antico monastero delle Agostiniane courtesy the artist


“Arcs de Cercle Excentriques” Art Unlimited – Art Basel 2000


“A generous art”

Swiss (Italy side) artist Felice Varini is an invader. He needs a space with walls and accidents within that space. The most complex it is the best it is. Then he paints his geometrics with bright colors (he likes the red a lot) on the walls, stairs or anything else. The place is then totally transformed into a kinetic experience.

Varini’s art won’t be totally itself without the visitor. He needs the eye of the visitor to look at it. He is that kind of generous artist who let a suggestion of an idea to the visitor who turns it his own.  That second part made by the visitor walking within those geometrics is essential for its existence. Every step makes a different angle watch Varini’s piece of art. Sometimes the geometrics fits perfectly to make a circle or a square or a line and a few steps further the geometrics disrupt in a series of yellows, reds or blues that are dancing apart. He calls that “fragmentation”

Like artist George Rousse he defies the law of traditional art. He goes every where we don’t expect him to go. Those two artists are free and express that freedom at its most. BCh