Born in 1967 in Arras, France
Lives and works in Paris, France

1993 Institut des Hautes en Art Plastique
2002 Villa Medicis, hors les murs, NY city
He received the Marcel Duchamp Prize in 2008

His website:
At Gallery Zieher Smith, New York

calais_wolf_11 2007


I’ve been lucky to met with this guy a very very long time ago when he was an art student and I was an art student at the Ecole des Beaux Arts of Nîmes, France. At that time I found his drawings with charcoal or graphite absolutely amazing. I told him and tried to stare at his drawings the most I could. I’m not sure he ever knew that! Then, his name came out to me again almost twenty years later when I saw it at an exhibition. It was at Galerie Nelson in Paris -an exhibition with paintings and installations- but at that time I didn’t recognize the style I had stuck in my memory and I thought it was a misunderstanding about the name.

callais_esp_cberri 2009

It is only in 2009 when I got lucky to visit his exhibition “Ornaments, crimes and delices” at espace Claude Berri (a few weeks before the great collector Claude Berri died) that his amazing gesture popped up to me. It was like a fresh fireworks in the art world. The gesture was free, the assemblages were wacky and well balanced, the large series of portraits was unique in the making and the style.

The three room of exhibition were smartly occupied alternating with empty/negative space and plain space full of art. Every piece talked to another in a multiple conversation the artist would have decided. To precise the feeling from the point of view of a viewer, we felt like we were in the middle of some sort of laser game or paintball game. The whole installation of the exhibition was powerful, a beauty.


Watch below the Video of “Ornements, crimes et délices” at Espace Claude Berri, Paris:

Stéphane Calais – Espace Claude Berri par Art-and-You