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Established Artist: French artist Patrick Laumond


Lives and works in Paris.


I am the founder of MetaHism.
The MetaHism is an artistic movement that expresses and embodies the human mind as a meta-paradigm.This Art of the thought, connects a global vision of the visible and invisible events simultaneously.
META, because expressing the Whole, ISM as the concept and universal suffix, which we find in all the movements and H, eight letter of the alphabet, (letter of the infinity, ∞, lemniscate), separating and unifying.

Translation wood, acrylic, lacquer, glass, silver wire, 2013 Photography © Tapissier


You don’t understand MetaHism? me neither. If I may say, no matter if we really get it. The most important is that MetaHism is such a fuel for Laumond’s creation that he produces a wonderful enigmatic powerful minimalist art. Take a closer look at it. Every item is connected to each other, mentally connected. It is invisible and yet we feel it, even through a simple image on the Internet!

This is the result of the power generated because of a strong concept. No matter how he names it this concept is effective. Congratulations Mr Laumond. BCh



“Paradox of the Verticality”  Wood, acrylic, lacquer, glass Paris, 2014. © Tapissier


Attraction Structurelle
La scene de la Cene
Condition Humaine
L’oeuvre de Damoclès
Mutation of the global thinking