A French Photographer in LA, Patrick Curtet

be-Art magazine: When did you move to LA?

Patrick Curtet: I come back and forth to LA for more then 25 years. For work but also for pleasure. California is really appealing  for people all over the world.

 After being working many years based in Paris we decided to come and start a new challenge here. It’s not a personal decision it’s a family desire. So 3 years ago we took all our belongings and flew here with few suitcases.

be-Art magazine: You’ve been shooting in 60 countries and you chose to move in LA. Why is LA so special?

Patrick Curtet: Who don’t love traveling…? I’m lucky enough to be paid to travel the world and discover places. What I’  like the most is we’re travelling but not in a tourist mode. My work bring me in places where I would never expect to go, and I would never have been if  it was not for taking pictures or filming. LA is different. I grew up with all the American Movie culture. In the 70’s 80’s we had no internet and program on TV were very poor. The only big window we had on the outside was the movie theatre. So hollywood movie  in that time had a huge impact on me. I’ve discovered story telling, adventure, wildlife and at this time just the word America was synonymous of adventure. So I always had a dream to come and live in California to be close to my kid dreams.

be-Art magazine: For your last exhibition « The Twenty Fifth frame” you chose your shootings upon the iconic movies: Thelma & Louise, Bonnie and Clyde, Bullit, Wild at heart (Saylor et Lula) Days of thunder…. can you develop why?

Patrick Curtet: All those movie were really impactful on  me. I was living in a small village in the middle of France up to  my 20’s and never left the place.  So I’ve seen those films numerous of time and there’re all in my DNA.

Since I’ve started photography I wanted to tell story. Of course it took me years to be able to tell well those stories but the first minute I took some pictures i felt something strong  with a camera in hand. I was expressing myself, I was able to think and bring alive some stories I was dreaming on. So the idea for the 25th frame came very natural and it’s long process. As all those films have been shot  on 24 frames per second I wanted to add a 25TH to express myself. I wanted to do a tribute to those icon. I’m feeling very little when I look those letters H.O.L.L.Y.W.O.O.D and I’m very humble with the pictures I’ve create on this subject, but it was necessary for me to do it. I wanted the images moody, graphic or cinematographic. I was really happy on the opening of the exhibition as everybody was smiling and having a good time. I want to share emotion with my work I want people stop, and travel in time or to a place for few seconds.
be-Art magazine: You had such iconic imagery of Los Angeles when you moved, What do you think of today’s life?
Patrick Curtet: I love LA more and more. I know many iconic places have disappeared but cruising thru the city and finding, old signed, finding old paint of adds on walls fill me of joy. This city constantly changing but is soul is here for ever.