EXHIBITION: Ai Weiwei at Marciano Foundation, L.A.


Ai Weiwei: Life Cycle

@Marciano Foundation

September 28, 2018 – March 3, 2019

This exhibition is Ai’s first major institutional exhibition in Los Angeles.

The exhibition starts with iconic installations Sunflower Seeds (2010) and Spouts (2015) above and below

Ai Weiwei presents a new and extremely impressive installation “Life Cycle”, an assessment of the actual situation of immigration that summons allegories, mythologies, philosophies and all religions. images below

The boat of immigrants is made of bamboo. Despite the lightness of the material its gigantic size surrounded with high walls and creatures flying in the sky, encapsulates the viewer with it, giving a feeling of imprisonment. Indeed a very impressive piece.


Each creature is explained like below

Along the walls a more personal narrative of Ai Weiwei himself is mixed with creatures from his own nightmares and fears

Certainly very powerful and a do not miss exhibition!