EXHIBITION: Albert Contreras at Peter Mendenhall


Until February, 23d 2019

@Peter Mendenhall Gallery, Pasadena, CA

F… Genius!

Museal exhibition at Peter Mendenhall gallery for Albert Contreras’s body of work. Albert’s work would be the equivalent of “show don’t tell” in literature. No need to explain Albert Contreras’ art, just enter the gallery and experience, feel the show. Contreras’ art speaks directly to the senses. The intellect comes afterwards.

For the moment the Art World too much preoccupied to make money doesn’t have time to look backward at the extraordinary artists who died in silence as for Vincent Van Gogh…. But one day will arrive when the obvious will explode, Albert Contreras was a fucking genius. As simple as that. Beatrice Chassepot, Los Angeles, February 2019

NOTE: as always with good painting, the images don’t reflect the inner quality of the painting as opposed when seeing in situ.

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