#stayhome: Not a day without an artwork by Galerie Loevenbruck, France


The French gallery Loevenbruck posts every day a newsletter with a focus on a specific artwork: “Pas un jour sans une oeuvre” “Not a day without an artwork”

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Last newsletter was about:

Edouard Levé – Série Reconstitutions, Pornographie, Sans titre, 2002
 Photographie – Tirage Lambda couleur contrecollé sur aluminium – 70 x 70 cm – Edition de 5
courtesy Galerie Loevenbruck & © ADAGP, Paris.

Reconstitutions: Title of a book published in October 2003 (Phileas Fogg, ninety-six pages) containing the following photographic series: Rêves reconstitués (1998–2000, eight images), Actualités (2001, twelve images), Pornographie (2002, fifteen images, series described in Œuvres [no. 149]), Rugby (2003, fifteen images), Quotidien (2003, ten images). Subsequently, it became the generic term used by Levé to designate these series and, more generally, a working method. Stagings in which I ask models to replay situations inspired by pre-existing images. In this sense, the Fictions are also reconstitutions, and so, partially, are the Transferts. All the reconstitutions are made in the studio, the author striving to erase all sign of excessive characterisation in his stagings, in order to obtain neutralisation by dint of subtraction.

Quentin Bajac in Text(e)s, Paris: éditions Loevenbruck, 2009, p.130.

Selection of available artworks from the series Pornographie, Sans titre, 2002.